About Us

GPS Property from the very beginning set out to guide investors, providing step by step directions through the obstacle course of disinformation disguised as research. GPS also guides investors through the maze of property developments and the highly involved process from purchase to settlement.

Better than any satellite navigator on the market that guides you to a physical street address, the experienced team at GPS will lead you to vital information that raises your awareness to recognise the opportunities amongst the clutter of poorly developed and located properties that are often too highly priced.

GPS Property does much more than guide you. GPS is an acronym for our established name Guardian Properties Specialists. This name represents our dedication to making available up to date research, skills and tools that focus on protecting you from making poor investment decisions.

GPS’ clients are for life. This is because once clients have purchased and tenanted their first property, a new sense of empowerment and confidence to continue building their property portfolio is established. After a year of capital growth and consistent rental cash flow, they are poised to add the next carefully selected property to their portfolio.

GPS is equipped with Interstate experience, research, tools and support to help make a National property portfolio a reality. Our most astute investors enjoy choosing the best locations and properties available nation-wide, taking advantage of varying property cycles, State incentives and high value opportunities.

GPS is a licenced Real Estate Agency with Diplomas in Financial Services. (Financial Planning)



Mr Richard Halabi says, am a senior investment property specialist. We do follow the property cycle and we don’t work for any particular developer or a particular area. We follow the research and then part of what we do after researching then we offer it to those investors that come on board looking for the growth areas today not tomorrow. And that’s where the investment opportunities come up.

Mr Roy Halabi says, we specialise in residential investment properties Australia-wide. We focus on residential market mostly, property management services, tax depreciation schedules and looking after clients from the A to Z process of purchasing a property.

We cover all properties Australia wise. Reasoning behind us being in all different states is to be able to cover from the east to the west of Australia quite conveniently.

Today, we focus on Sydney properties, tomorrow we might be looking at other states,so we’re not restricted to any state at one time. So a lot of times what we are trying to do is beat the media into a particular market. We’ve done that when we were opening the Perth Office.

At the time, no one wanted to buy the western side of Australia. We were quite fond of itbecause the timing was great for capital growth opportunities.

Mr Richard Halabi says,we are very particular in terms of serving our clients. Most of our clients come referred to us through accountants, through financial planners and word of mouth and that is our strength mainly. Recently we have been doing lots of work with first-time buyers as our specialty is really the investors where we can then guide them through the whole process of investing. Not only just buying the property but a system in setting up the foundation of investing.

Mr Roy Halabi saysour free investment information eveningsare very handy to all of our clients’. The whole idea of it is just to keep people updated with what’s going on in today’s market. And giving the opportunities there are out there today.