Research is pointless without the ability to interpret the information. GPS through coaching and industry accredited tools, help first time to intermediate property investors check, interpret and analyse the research.

Through location and property comparisons, GPS helps you establish the parameters that distinguish the difference between a poor investment and an outstanding one. This includes sourcing and evaluating proximity to services information, planned local infrastructure, rental potential and the development’s schedule of finishes, depreciation and projected running costs to name a few.

How close do the amenities need to be to attract a tenant? What impact will the depreciation report have on the gearing of my property? Is the rental return estimate reliable and sufficient to make the investment return worthwhile?

And a property’s suitability can only be measured accurately once your needs are clearly understood. So researching the suitability of a property involves understanding your full situation and personal preferences and expectations.

Does my taxable income derive the full benefits of this property? Will it help me meet my financial goals? How will economic and property cycles like interest rates, inflation, population growth, land release and future developments affect my equity and cashflow? How much equity can I project to have in the next three to five years? How much should I budget for rental expenses, vacancies and changes in interest rates?

To become a successful property investor, we believe understanding every aspect of your investment decision is critical. This is why we provide the tools to ensure you have complete confidence in your real estate purchase and the means to manage it in order to receive the full return on investment.

These and many more questions are answered through the analysis of the research with your experienced GPS property consultant and industry recognised property analysis tools.