Use Your Superannuation to Buy Real Estate

Be on your way to retiring richer than you ever thought possible by taking greater control of how your money is invested in your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

When superannuation legislation changed in 2007 it allowed SMSF investors to purchase property through leveraged funds which are called property warrants or installment warrants. Never before have SMSF’s been more appealing for all Australians.

Take a look at this fantastic opportunity and bring forward your retirement by either using the power of leveraging to purchase property or by making a profit through rental income.

Your existing superannuation fund is all you need to get started; you can pay off your investment property by using your super contributions and the rental income. Couples and families can also combine their superannuation portfolios into their own SMSF creating a mega family SMSF.

By taking advantage of negative gearing legislation in your SMSF and well developed research methods of real estate investment, you can enjoy the benefits and tax concessions available.

Two main benefits for SMSF’s are;

  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is only 10% if investment is held for more than 12 months and no CGT if the fund is in Pension Phase;
  • You pay only 15% tax when contributing to your debt through your SMSF as opposed to your individual marginal tax rate.

Other benefits include:

  • Super Funds and their rental income are taxed at a maximum of 15%.
  • Interest costs are tax deductible to the SMSF.
  • Direct property in Australia has not been as volatile as the share market.
  • The ability to invest in property using a SMSF with as little as 15% of the purchase price.
  • Individuals do not get into debt as the deposit required is obtained from the current superannuation fund balance.
  • The ability to end the warrant and take ownership of the property at any time up to the maturity date.
  • The SMSF’s other assets are protected from risk.
  • You can include the family insurance policies and take advantage of estate planning benefits.

It is crucial that you choose the right property for your SMSF. The specialist consultants at GPS will assist you in selecting the right property that maximizes the benefits of such a strategy. We can assist with all the services from the beginning to the end of the process; including arranging the set up of the SMSF if required, providing a property warrant that is tailored to comply with the new legislation, ensuring your insurances and estate planning needs are met and most importantly selecting the right investment property.

Find Out More

To find out how you can take control of your superannuation, how to start or expand your investment property plan and discover how you can benefit personally; register your details below and a GPS specialist consultant will contact you directly.

This workshop will teach you why so many Australians are using their SMSF’s to purchase property in order to boost their retirement funds.

Today, superannuation is the preferred investment vehicle in Australia due to the level of benefits and tax concessions available. At the same time Australians continue to have a desire to invest in bricks and mortar due its long standing investment returns. Accordingly, where possible, opportunities to maximize benefits by using property in your superannuation fund should be implemented.

SMSF Seminar Details:

Date: TBA
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Arrive: 5:45pm for Registration, Networking & Refreshments
6:00pm Start – 7.30pm Finish