pmDon’t you deserve to do well?

Let’s face it, not all property managers are the same. A good property manager can make you money and make life easy for you but a bad one can cause you incredible stress and grief and more often than not, cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost rent, property degradation due to poor maintenance and numerous headaches exposing you to potential liabilities.

Unfortunately, in most cases you do not realise that you have appointed the wrong property manager until the damage has been done. That is why it is so important to select the right property manager.

A GPS property manager’s interests are aligned with your interests and those of your property.

Flexible solutions for your property needs

What better way to ensure the best outcome for you and your property than to have an experienced management team that is 100% focused on property management and directly benefits from the performance of your property.

So what does this mean for you:

  •  Lower vacancy periods
  • Achieving higher rents
  • Better standard of tenants
  • Maximising annual rent increases
  • Minimal rent arrears
  • Happier tenants


The team at GPS Property Management look forward to further assisting you with your residential and commercial  real estate leasing needs.


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